Zeiss Conservation Prize

Honduras Birding for Conservation Tour – Third Prize Winners! Carl Zeiss Sports Optics Conservation Award.

Exciting News! La Fuente de Vida has won the Zeiss Conservation Award as part of the Birding for Conservation Tour. This prize was awarded in recognition of the important conservation values of Montaña Santa Barbara and the commitment of members from the Amigos del Bosque Nublado (Friends of the Cloud Forest) to better managing their environment.

Members of the three participating communities of El Sauce, San Luis Planes and El Dorado came together to celebrate the award with a barbecue at La Aguja. The cash prize of $5000 will go towards improvement of trails and infrastructure, and potentially the establishment of private conservation reserves and reforestation projects.

Two pairs of binoculars also donated by Zeiss will be used by local guides to improve their skills and understanding of the conservation values of this beautiful mountain.


Our thanks go to Zeiss (https://www.zeiss.com/global/home.html) for their generous support; to the Honduras Birding for Conservation Tour organisers and supporters (information about the sponsors can be found at http://hondurasbirdtour.com/prizes); to the members of the third placed birding team led by Jeffrey Gordon president of the American Birding Association and the fantastic local guide Esdras Lopez Mejia. Thanks also to all of the people who voted for this project.