World Challenge visits Montaña Santa Bárbara

Among our numerous visitors to Montaña Santa Bárbara was a group of English students who were visiting Honduras with World Challenge (, an organization that provides educational school expeditions throughout the world. A group of 15 students spent 4 nights on the mountain. For the first two nights they camped in the forest where they worked alongside the locals building trails through the Quetzal Forest reserve. This is a privately owned area of mid-slope forest that the owners have agreed can be used as a tourist destination. For the second two nights the students relocated their tents into town where they worked and played with local school children, Together, they painted an environmental mural in each of the three communities that are participating in this program, challenged the locals to a series of football matches and entertained them with their musical skills. A big thanks to World Challenge for supporting the project and we hope to see you back again in the future!