Who We Are

who-we-are-02“Montaña de Santa Bárbara - "Montaña de Vida” is a wholly community-run enterprise. Members of the communities of El Sauce, San Luis Planes and El Dorado have come together to develop tourism opportunities for the adventurous traveller or bird-watcher who wants to experience Honduras' extraordinary natural beauty, and learn about the lifestyles of our friendly communities.

We currently make our decisions through a committee of dedicated community members with representation from each of our communities. This committee includes the Patronato, or elected community leader from each community.

We currently have 8 trained guides who can show you the amazing wildlife of the area and explain the medicinal properties or other uses of the huge diversity of plants and fungi that make up our forests.


A group of women from each community has also had training in the hygienic preparation of food and the provision of clean and comfortable accommodation.

Esdras Lopez, an experienced bilingual bird guide, is our project coordinator and interpreter for our non-Spanish speaking guests.

Our project is currently receiving voluntary guidance from Dr Robert Lambeck, an Australian ecologist and Ex-CEO of Greening Australia (WA) who has had an extensive career in community-based conservation.