The Adventures

If you want to be part of the growing community of responsible adventurers who want to make a positive difference, select one of our tours and come on a journey of learning and friendship that you will not forget. Caves, lookouts, cloud-forest hikes, horse rides or cultural tours. We have a range of activities that will satisfy the adventurer in each of you.

Trips of 1-3 days in a beautiful mountain landscape:

  • visit and stay with local communities
  • learn about local culture and agriculture
  • hike through the cloud forest of Santa Bárbara NP
  • explore caves and lookouts on foot or horseback
  • great birdwatching - find the elusive Resplendent Quetzal
  • learn about the foods and medicines of the forest

Explore the region on foot or by horse in the company of knowledgeable guides and partake of the local cuisine in family homes. This is a new and emerging tourist destination. Infrastructure is basic so some of the tours are best suited to the fit and adventurous. On the other hand the cultural tours and some of the birding tours are less strenuous but equally rewarding.

Longer trips and group activities can also be tailored for those who want to truly absorb the atmosphere and learn more about this fascinating region.

Mirador La Peña

Ride a horse or hike through idyllic rural landscapes before scrambling up the short but steep trail to Mirador La Peña for spectacular views of Lago Yojoa, Santa Bárbara Mountain and the community of El Dorado. 

On this tour you also learn about local lifestyles and agriculture, listen to tales of minerals and mystery from the charismatic community elder, Don Bando and, most importantly, get to taste some of the best coffee in Honduras!


Cueva El Encanto

The enchanted cave! Montaña de Santa Bárbara is an enormous limestone massif riddled with caves and sinkholes.This trip, on foot or by horseback takes you to a small but enchanting (as the name suggests) cave with fascinating formations and a small subterranean pool.

On the way you will learn about local lifestyles and agriculture and you will get to sample some of the local produce including the great local coffee.



Cloud Forest Hike

Santa Bárbara National Park

Explore the majestic cloud forests with local guides who will show you the mysteries that lie within. Witness the incredible diversity of plants, including those that have provided food and medicine to local people for hundreds of years.

Bring your binoculars (or borrow ours) to see some of the special birds that frequent the mountainside and, if you’re lucky, we might find monkeys, armadillos or agoutis that call the mountain home!



Quetzal Trail

Montaña de Santa Bárbara supports a remarkable diversity of birds, many of which are difficult to find elsewhere in Honduras or, in some cases, elsewhere in Central America. The mountain is home to Resplendent Quetzals, Wine-throated Hummingbirds, Buffy-Crested Wood-partridges, and Pheasant Cuckoos as well as a diverse mix of toucans, trogons, motmots and more!

Our local bird-guide started off as a hunter but now is a passionate and knowledgeable observer of the birds and their habits, not to mention his intimate knowledge of the plants and other animals of the forest. A day with Pablo is guaranteed to reward!


Cultural Tour

On all of our tours we provide an overview of the lifestyles of our local communities, but if you want a more in-depth experience of life in rural Honduras, this is the tour for you. Gain an insight into the challenges and rewards of agrarian life.

Sample local produce - after you have helped to harvest and prepare it! Learn about the dynamics of local communities, including the challenges of education, health and employment. Appreciate the difficulties of balancing the externally-driven coffee industry with local and sustainable subsistence agriculture and protection of the environment.


Tailored group excursions for 3 - 7 days

There are many organizations that bring volunteers into Honduras for anything from a week to several months. During the course of their visit they often look for recreational experiences for their volunteers or staff. Similarly organizations such as World Challenge bring students to Honduras to contribute to, and learn from local cultures. This program is able to tailor packages to meet the specific needs of such groups.

Additionally, we are looking to develop the capacity to host school and university groups as well as corporate personal development programs.

These packages will be made up from a choice of day excursions described above.

Beaks&Peaks logoBeaks and Peaks Birding and Adventure Tours is a project partner. They offer an exciting range of tours throughout Honduras and share our philosophy of responsible tourism that builds capacity in local communities. Visit them at



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