Cultural Tour


This tour gives you the chance to learn and share something about our lives of Montaña de Santa Barbara. While there are many rewards for living in this beautiful environment, there are also many challenges. How do we find the right balance between agricultural production and conservation?; between subsistence agriculture and commercial cropping? How do we generate new sources of revenue without compromising our cultural values?


Cultural-Tour-02Come and find out about how we are trying to strike the right balance. You will learn about the coffee industry that provides the main source of revenue for our communities, and also about our local agricultural activities. Find out about the traditional foods and medicines that we obtain from the forest. Eat and, if you want to stay overnight, sleep in our communities, participate in our festivities and just chat with the locals.


Cultural-Tour-03An over-night stay that combines the cultural tour with one of our adventure activities will make for a perfect weekend trip, but just coming up for the day for this trip is well worth the bumpy ride.