Birthday Quetzals

When a friend who lives around Lago Yojoa requested to see a quetzal for her birthday, we organised a trip to the Quetzal Trail for her and some travellers who were staying at the D&D Brewery. Not only was it Flavia’s birthday but one of the girls who came up with us was also celebrating her birthday – so the pressure was really on! After the bumpy drive up the mountain and our usual delicious local breakfast, we set off hiking through the village of El Sauce to the private conservation forest through which we have constructed an excellent bird-watching trail. With Pablo as our guide, it wasn’t long before we heard the distinctive call of the Quetzal. All binoculars were raised to the canopy and, within minutes we saw the first iridescent flashes of green, blue and red as a group of birds moved through the tree tops in search of fruit, the extravagant tails of the males shining in the sunlight.

While the birds were fairly high in the trees, everyone managed to get fairly good looks, so the birthday girls were both happy as we descended back to San Luis Planes for a delicious lunch.